Welcome to the World of Silken Windhounds

Zee with Silken Windhound breed founder Francie StullSilken Windhounds are known for their friendly dispositions and make excellent family pets. They are happiest when sharing family activities. They are easily trainable and eager to please.  Like other sighthounds, Silken Windhounds need room to run and exercise daily, but inside they are normally quiet and well-behaved. They require little grooming and are naturally clean and tidy.

Since the inception of the ISWS racing and coursing programs, approximately 20% of all Silken Windhounds ever registered have participated in performance events. That percentage increases dramatically at Silkenfest and regional specialties where nearly half of the dogs shown in conformation also enter field events.

Silken Windhounds have been amassing lure coursing and amateur racing titles via the ISWS (based on current running rules of ASFA, LGRA and NOTRA).

Beginning December 1, 2009, Silken Windhounds may enter and compete in the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) lure coursing events through the Limited Stake. 

The National Lure Coursing Club has always included Silken Windhounds in its list of eligible breeds. A Silken Windhound won Best in Field and the Christmas Cup at an NLCC meet in 2009.

In September 2010, Silken Windhounds were accepted and approved to participate in NOFCA hunts.

Silken Windhounds also participate in agility and conformation events and serve as both pet therapy and assistance dogs.